Ideas For Displaying An Urn After Cremation Services In Acworth, GA


If you are planning to have cremation services in Acworth, GA and want to be able to keep your loved one’s ashes near you at all times, you may choose to keep them in an urn. You have a lot of options for choosing the right urn but you also need to decide where you will keep it. This comes down to your own personal preference but there are a few suggestions that you might want to keep in mind. These ideas will ensure your urn is kept safe and your loved one’s ashes are always where they should be.  

In Your Home 

The best place to store your loved one’s ashes if you want to stay close to them, is in your home. You can do this in a way that allows you display them if you want or in a way that allows those who come over to your home to see the ashes and remember your loved one. If you just want to keep them safe, you can also put them elsewhere such as a closet, in the garage, in a dresser or another safe place and know that they are nearby when you need them but also keep them in a safe place where they won’t be knocked over or lost.  

In A Special Place 

Some people would prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes in a special place that they visited often or that meant something to them. This can be any place of your choice and it should be somewhere that you know the deceased would be happy. You can keep the urn in this location as long as it is safe and you have permission to do so. You also want to make sure other people won’t have access to the urn unless you grant it to them.  

Family Tomb 

If your family has a tomb where loved ones are buried or where other urns are kept. You may decide that you want to keep your loved one's ashes there as well. Many people choose to do this because it makes them feel like they should do this in order to keep their loved ones together. This is also a good way to ensure that everyone in your family can visit and have access to the ashes as well. This means everyone can pay their respects as they choose. 

When it comes time to plan cremation services in Acworth, GA, you may be trying to decide what you will do with the urn once you have the ashes. The urn is a great way to keep your loved one’s ashes safe and allows you to keep them wherever you choose. Choosing the right place can be tricky. If you need help making your plans, be sure to keep the above options in mind. If you are ready to plan the cremation services, reach out to Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services. We are here to help you