Planning A Funeral Service For A Musician


If you are planning a funeral service for someone who enjoyed playing or singing or who considered themselves a musician, you have a lot of ways you can include their love of music. When you plan the funeral, you get to choose what is included and can get together with other family members and friends to work out the details and find out what aspects they think are important. If you are trying to plan a funeral for a loved one at funeral homes in Kennesaw, GA, be sure to consider some of these tips and ideas to help you make it special for your loved one. 


Display The Instruments 

You don’t have to include the actual music the loved one made, you can instead just put their instruments on display or even photos of them singing and playing music. This will allow you to make it clear that your loved one was skilled and loved to play music. You can simply add the instrument next to a loved one’s casket or anywhere there are flowers and other items displayed. If you don’t want to use the actual instrument, you can use photos of the instrument or even create special artwork that pays tribute to it. 


Play Their Music 

You might want to play the music that the deceased records at the service. This can be a nice way to pay tribute to their musical abilities. You can find recordings of the music they played or or ask the other members of the band or singing group to attend the funeral and perform the songs. This will allow you to make it possible for loved ones to hear the music the deceased made and was so passionate about. You can play the music before or during the service in place of other more traditional songs. 


Invite Bandmates  

It;s a nice idea to include the bandmates in the funeral as they may have meant a great deal to the deceased and may need closure as well. You can ask them to come to the funeral service so they can say their goodbye or you may want to invite them to come and perform some of the band’s songs at the service. If your loved one had recorded music with them in the past, you can check to see if they have any copies of their CDs or MP3a  that they could bring to the service and play for the other guests. 


When it comes time to plan a funeral service at funeral homes in Kennesaw, GA for a loved one and they happened to be a musician, be sure to keep the above tips and suggestions in mind to help you decide how to include some special details that will show off your loved one’s passion for music. If you need some help making your plans for a funeral be sure to reach out to Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services. We are here to answer any questions you might have about the service and are happy to help with all your planning needs.