How Long Can You Postpone Cremation Services?

The decomposition of a person's body occurs when they die. In order to preserve the remains, it is crucial that they are handled quickly. However, planning for a funeral can take a long time. It is possible to make funeral arrangements after a death, determine the final wishes of the deceased, and notify family members afterward. In the aftermath of the death of a loved one, a family may find it difficult to deal with cremation. By keeping embalming and preservation procedures up-to-date, you can avoid last-minute arrangements in case of an embalming or preservation emergency. Depending on the circumstances, cremation services in Acworth, GA can be delayed. 

Religious Reasons 

Some religions believe that a deceased person should be buried on the same day the beliefs should be respected when dealing with the remains of a deceased individual. Following the death of a loved one, a funeral service is usually held, followed by cremation. Depending on the religious requirements, you may need to wait a few days before you can host a special religious service.  

Family Reasons 

It may be necessary to postpone the service if a family member is unable to attend. Most people who live overseas or travel cannot attend funerals due to their location. If the funeral must be delayed for a few weeks or more, you might consider holding a memorial service after the burial service. The deceased is laid to rest in a respectful manner at a funeral, where memories are shared with family and friends. 

Legal Reasons 

When death occurs as a result of a crime, a police investigation will be conducted. Depending on the circumstances, a funeral may need to be delayed by law. Cremations and funerals can be postponed up to seven days in some cases. Many reasons may necessitate postponing or even holding the service on a certain date. 

Delay To Receive Body 

The embalming of unidentified or missing persons is therefore not possible. Time can be lost due to these circumstances. In the immediate aftermath of the loss, a memorial service can begin the grieving process

During the first few days after a death, the public's health is rarely at risk. It is not necessary to embalm immediately, but it will be necessary after 24 hours. Body preservation in a morgue can take up to one week. No matter whether the corpse is embalmed or not, it will take about a week for it to decompose. It takes about a week for an embalmed body to remain preserved after it's embalmed. The embalming process should be prioritized as soon as the death is announced to all family members. 

Decomposition does not stop, but is slowed down by this process. As soon as the remains of the deceased are cremated, they will be refrigerated. The cremation documents as well as the death certificate will be prepared before the cremation takes place. With our help, you can postpone cremation services in Acworth, GA. Whenever you need help with planning, we're here to help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.