GFC Assists with Defibrillator Training At The Post on August 8, 2019

On August 8, 2019, the Ron Asby North Cobb American Legion Post 304 held a training class for its new defibrillator.  Captain Nick Adams, Cobb County EMS Operations Captain of the Cobb County Fire Department, taught the class on basic CPR and the use of the AED Defibrillator to several Post members and bar/kitchen staff.

On hand were the members of the Acworth Business Association who donated financial support, allowing the Post to obtain the defibrillator.  The Marcy Family of Georgia Funeral Care, Janice Anderson of Janderson’s Heart, and Bart Nunley (Director) and Bryan Elliott (IT Director) of, all provided the support needed to help save lives at the Post.

Post Commander John Dowdy thanked the sponsors, as well as those present to learn the use of the AED and other life-saving techniques.  As anyone who has learned CPR knows, it’s all about “Stayin’ Alive” (the 1977 song by the Bee Gees used as the tempo setter for chest pumps in CPR).  With the AED in the Post, someone having a heart attack has a nearly 100% chance of staying alive with its application while emergency personnel are called.