Joining a support group

Asking for help after a loss can be extremely difficult. Often we find ourselves feeling isolated after a loss. Friends and family continue with their lives after paying their respects, and it feels like we’re left alone to pick up the pieces. Filing paperwork, emptying closets, and in general dealing with the silence. 

While they may not mean to, friends can get swept away with their lives and will offer short-term help, but sometimes aren’t able to continue being a listening ear. Their lives, work, children, school schedules, family drama, all can keep them focused on life and make them less available to offer the kind of support you need.

Sometimes it’s hard to relate to friends, especially as their lives continue as normal and yours feels like it’s at a standstill. 

Instead of pulling back, one of the best things to do might be to attend a local grief support group. Talking freely with others who have lived through similar experiences can be refreshing, especially when many of your friends and acquaintances may not know how you feel. 

In a judgment-free setting, it may be a relief to give voice to some of the thoughts you’ve been holding in.