James Reginald “Regi” Campbell

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James Reginald “Regi” Campbell, 1/27/1950 - 1/24/2020

Born in Spartanburg, SC to Luther and Genolette Campbell, Regi lived a life as full of meaning, purpose, fun, and love as possible. He lived his life out of gratitude to Jesus who changed his entire life at the age of 32. He then invested his remaining years to developing young men to become better husbands, fathers, leaders, and Christ followers. He was most loved as husband, dad, mentor, and to all…a friend. 

Regi Campbell was an entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He was involved in the founding of 15 companies, serving as CEO four times. He was the author of four books: About My Father’s Business, Mentor Like Jesus, What Radical Husbands Do, and his most recent, Radical Wisdom.

Regi’s passion and calling was mentoring younger men to become all-in Jesus-followers. He was currently leading his 20th mentoring group and had personally invested in over 200 men, thus impacting the trajectory of their marriages and families. The success of his mentoring groups led Regi to establish the non-profit ministry Radical Mentoring in order to equip and encourage men and their churches to launch intentional men’s small group mentoring. Through the investments of those churches and mentors, over 12,000 men have been mentored.

His friend John Richie says,”Regi and I were heart friends, connected by long years of road miles together and pointed in the same direction. I knew Regi as a patient, intimate friend ready to share his life with me.  Regi always drew me closer to our Heavenly Father whom he knew so well. I will miss Regi for the rest of my life.”

Ross, his son, says,”I love my Dad with my whole heart. He taught me “all along the way” how to live life to the fullest...by loving our God, treasuring family, investing in others, being generous, and laughing often. I will be forever grateful.”

His daughter Erin says, “My dad loved with abundance and always invested the extra time and energy to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with me. He was always up for a challenging conversation and would often surprise us with experiences that went beyond our expectations. My heart is full of the sweetest memories because he lived with intention and love.”  

When he wasn’t grandfathering, mentoring, or writing, Regi loved music, videography, traveling, and being on, in, or under the water.

Regi is survived by his wife of 50 years Miriam Campbell, son Ross Campbell, his wife Leigh Campbell and their sons Aidan and Silas, and daughter Erin Hughes, her husband Cary Hughes and their daughters Annie, Emiline, and Jane.

A memorial service will be held at Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, GA on Saturday February 8 at 1:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you consider a memorial gift to Radical Mentoring to continue the shaping of men into spiritual leaders that, in turn,  grow and deepen their churches and families. Learn more at RadicalMentoring.com. Condolences can be left for the family at www.GeorgiaFuneralCare.com

5 Comments To "James Reginald “Regi” Campbell"

Jeremy Ewers On Apr 26 2020 at 10am
I was saddened to hear of Regi's passing, but know with all certainty that God is pleased with his good and faithful servant. Back when things seemed hard in my life and I was facing many trials I was blessed to to work under Regi as he formed Fitability.com. Regi exuded kindness, faithfulness, extreme morals in every endeavor, hard work and the value of character. His passion for life and creativity, but most importantly his love of people was his legacy. In a world lacking compassion, he was grounded in helping others. My last memory happened three years ago when he surprise visited my in-laws, Steve and Elaine Franklin with Andy Stanley for lunch on Lake Burton; the same man I remembered from 15 years prior came with smiles and laughter and compassion, exactly as I had remembered him from all this years ago. Life had not beaten him down; Regi was a life giver. Reply to this comment
Vicki Camron On Apr 17 2020 at 10pm
I met James Campbell as he was a patient of mine. He was always so caring to ask about my family. He was an amazing man and he spoke of his family with love. My prayers are with his family at this time of loss. Reply to this comment
Lisa Wilson (Parsons) On Feb 06 2020 at 9am
Regi has been like a third big brother to me all of my life and has been there through the depths of my lowest time and the height of my happiest days. What a blessing he has been for all who knew him. The angels have just welcomed another member of the a cappella band. Reply to this comment
Dee Gregory On Feb 03 2020 at 1pm
I am so very thankful for the impact Regi had on my son's life. From the day he was invited to become one of eight men Regi would next invest in, to all the ensuing years when he when so available to offer godly counsel each time my son needed it, I have thanked God for raising up an exceptional servant obedient to impact so very many for His eternal glory! Praising God for a life well lived! Reply to this comment
Lee Stanford On Feb 02 2020 at 11am
I never met him, but vicariously knew him and his love for and relationship with Jesus. May his tribe increase. Reply to this comment
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