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Philip J. Floor, Sr.

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Philip J. Floor, Sr., age 54, of Kennesaw, Georgia, died June 15, 2017.

Philip John Floor, Sr. was my best friend, husband, father, brother and friend to all. I think back when I first met Phil in Wilmington, Delaware on a blind date, I knew that first time we met that he was the one for me. That first date has been going strong over 30 years. I loved him and will have his memories last forever. His dedication to his two boys was amazing. No matter what was going on in work, he made time to be at every event that his children were in and also coached them. Being their coach wasn’t enough so he became their Scout leader, and then as they got older it was harder to coach them as we all know how kids are, so he became a Hockey Referee so that he could stay close to his boys. Joining the Hockey world was priceless to Phil, he loved it and never cared how tired he was, he would do 5 or more games in the same day. The Hockey Association was his second family away from home.

Phil, as we all know him, loved movies, TV shows and comedy that he and my boys shared together. He always would quote movies and play the old time music in the car that would put us to sleep. As for his hearing we all knew that it was selected and that the TV was so loud that you could hear it next door.

He was a loving brother and what I loved was that his sisters and brother would text everyday crazy things and you felt like they were all in a room together laughing. He loved when Kathy, Cindy, Andy, Jen would text the crazy things or an updated picture of Anna his niece would be attached. The laughter and love they all shared daily was like if they were all at a kitchen table having fun.

Phil was known as a Saint on my side of the family because he was there for everyone anytime and any always went to any family reunion, wedding or just to visit on a holiday. He was close to all and just kept moving along as calm as he could be no matter what crazy thing was going on in the McDonald house. Phil felt like he was the luckiest guy with two wives, me and Kathy my twin.
To sum this up, I want to say that Phil was my life and I thank him for all the memories that I was fortunate to share with him.

Love always,

The family will receive friends from 6 PM – 8:00 PM for a visitation and funeral at 8:00 PM, on Saturday, June 17, 2017, at Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services, in Acworth, Georgia.

Please express condolences for the family in the comments section below. The Floor family is being cared for by Georgia Funeral Care and Cremation Services, Acworth, Georgia.

90 Comments To "Philip J. Floor, Sr."

Patrick Donegan On Jun 19 2017 at 11pm
Hi So very sorry to hear of Phil’s passing truly a wonderful man me and Phil went to school together we played baseball and basketball together,I always thought he was a wonderful person. God Bless and Rest in peace my friend. Pat. Reply to this comment
Sherry Pellerin On Jun 19 2017 at 11pm
Dear Debbie, I am so stunned and saddened to hear the news of Phil’s passing. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Sincerely, Sherry Pellerin Reply to this comment
Carol Wright On Jun 19 2017 at 11pm
Debbie and family, I am so sorry to hear about Phil. My thoughts and prayers go out to each of you during this difficult time. Reply to this comment
Cindy Shortt (Cariseo) On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
I am so very sorry for your loss. I grew up with Phil and his brothers and sisters and I feel as if we just lost a large piece of our past. Just a lovely family. Prayers to you and your family. Reply to this comment
Ann Gatesman Foley On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
Dear family, I so saddened to hear the passing of Phil. Phil was my friend back in 1982-1984 at SUNY Fredonia. A bunch of us would hang out together on our free time. We might walk to the bars together or go to the same parties etc. Phil and Otter were like big brothers to us. One time your beloved Phil came to my dorm, which I shared with Susan Y. (see earlier comment) He said to us, Do you believe in “It’s the thought that counts.”? We said sure, we believe it’s the thought that counts. Then he proceeded to tell us that he was walking through the student union and saw some club selling flowers. He reached into his pockets only to find that he had no money to buy flowers. So on to our dorm he came and said that he saw the flowers and wanted to buy some for his good friends, Susan and Annie, but he didn’t have any money. Then he just summed it up with “It’s the thought that counts.” Another story from Fredonia speaks to how nice Phil was in college. Sometimes on Sundays during football season, Susan and I would call up some of the guys in the men’s dorms to see if they would talk to us during the game. Most of the guys said they were busy watching the game. But I want his family to know that if Phil answered the phone, he WOULD take the time to chat with us. He never said that he was too busy or has to get back to the game. We didn’t really have anything to ask him, but we talk about the goings-on around campus and such. He was THAT nice. Our generation didn’t have all the devices like they do now. I wish I had kept in touch all these years. But, it’s the thought that counts! Reply to this comment
Tina Plotkin On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
I managed Phil’s advertising projects for the past 6 years. He was so smart – and great to work with. Very sorry to hear this news – he will be missed by so many here- Reply to this comment
John Booker On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
Debbie and Family, I worked with Phil for many years. He was always a generous and helpful partner. He never let the little things get him down and he always was thankful for the people around him. I will miss talking with Phil and will always remember him and hold him close in my heart. He will truly be missed. Reply to this comment
Michael V. Young Sr On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
Deb,Jr & Tim, I am very sorry to hear of Phil’s passing. Our deepest condolences go out to you & your family. Please know that, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Mike Young Reply to this comment
Ruth Bower On Jun 19 2017 at 3pm
Dear Floor Family, Phil was always a calm voice of reason and I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and learn from him – and mostly to know HIM. He was so proud of his family and he would share stories about the boys. Their accomplishments were his too! Phil has touched so many people and will be always remembered with much affection, love and respect. My thoughts and prayers are with the Floor family as well as everyone who had the honor to know Phil. Reply to this comment
Linda Gillick On Jun 19 2017 at 2pm
Dear Deb, Phil and Tim, There are no words that express how very sorry we are for the loss of your beloved Phil. Please know that the Gillick family is wrapping you in love and prayers. Beautiful family memories will always be close to your heart. We always enjoyed when all of you were up in Jersey and celebrated family occasions. Phil was always kind and interacted with all. If there’s anything we can do to help you please feel free to reach out. Your words Deb summed up the love of your life. Hold his memory close. Love, Linda, Rusty, Kevin & Michael Gillick Reply to this comment
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