Where Do You Store Cremated Ashes In Your Home?


When you plan to perform cremation services in Cartersville, GA, you must also decide what to do with the remains. You have many different options, and if you choose to put them inside an urn, you need to find the best place to keep the urn in your home or preferred location. When looking for the best place to have the urn at home, keep the following tips in mind.  


Keeping your ashes in a safe place could mean putting them in a closet. This not only ensures the safety of the ashes, but also keeps the urn in a place where the temperature stays the same. When you need to bring the ashes close to your loved ones or prepare to display, you can take the ashes out of the closet whenever you choose. You can also create a memorial area in the closet so that you can pay tribute to the dead in private. You can also choose to add them to dressers or other rooms in your home.  


Some people want to show off the urn or have it on display and if you choose to do this you can add it to the mantle on your fireplace.  If you don’t want to hide it and would rather let people know that it is a urn, you can add special details to the mantle, such as photos of your loved one or special objects that they possessed. This can be used as a memorial table for the deceased or for others to visit and pay their respects. It is great to be able to put the ashes of your loved ones by your side and be in a place where they are able to be seen and you know they are cared for at all times. 


If you want to keep your ashes somewhere safe, but you want to be able to see them anytime, anywhere, you can choose to add them to your jewelry. Cremation jewelry is a  wonderful option for people who choose to stay with their loved one's ashes all the time. If you want to do this, you need to choose the right pieces and make sure they are able to hold the ashes. You can leave the jewelry at home or wear it as you like. You can choose to design your own jewelry, or you might even want to find something that looks like a gemstone that reminds you of things your loved one enjoyed or something they would wear themselves. 

If you plan for cremation services in Cartersville, GA, and you need to know how to store ashes or urns, please keep the above tips and ideas in mind. You can also consider other methods that are equally effective for you. If you are ready to plan your cremation service and need help, be sure to contact Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services. We are happy to provide you with all your cremation planning needs. Call or visit us now to learn more about our services.