Burial or Cremation: Important Details to Consider

The loss of a loved one is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. Whether it’s after a lengthy illness or an unexpected loss, the death of someone important to you and your family is an emotional and trying time.

The grief that is experienced is only compounded if arrangements with a trusted funeral home aren’t made ahead of time. At Georgia Funeral Care, we understand that these losses aren’t something that most people want to think about. We can’t stress enough, however, the importance of making plans early on. When this is done, the wishes of your loved one will be honored and there will be one less thing for grieving family members to worry about. These critical details include:

  • Cremation vs. burial
  • What kind of service is desired
  • Whether there will be a viewing or not
  • If there will be a graveside gathering along with a traditional funeral service

The cost of these decisions is also something that should be considered. Georgia Funeral Care understands this, and we have affordable options that will fit into most budgets, while honoring your loved one’s wishes.

We have a number of packages and options to discuss whether a cremation or burial is what your family desires. If the cost and details are determined now, there shouldn’t be any money worries when plans are finalized.

Some of the services we offer for a burial are:

We also have a variety of tasteful caskets that include:

  • Wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper

The price of caskets will vary, depending on what you choose.

Georgia Funeral Care also has an onsite crematorium so your loved one’s remains are always with us and treated with the utmost respect. If cremation is what is desired, we have several packages to consider. Cremation services begin at $895. There are additional expenses if services are desired.

  • A private family viewing with cremation is $1,495
  • A memorial service or life celebration is $1,690
  • A funeral service at a church or chapel followed by cremation is $3,890

Death isn’t something any of us want to think about or talk about. As hard as it may be, it’s important to have an idea of what will happen when it does occur. It’s also critical to understand that making choices now will save you from having to do this at a more difficult time.

You will find sympathy, patience and up-front information at Georgia Funeral Care. You can reach us at 678-574-3016.