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Anneliese Warrak

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Anneliese (Fett) Warrak, age 87 of Acworth, GA, passed away on October 10, 2022.  She is survived by her Son Michael, as well as 2 grandsons, and 8 great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her late husband Michael, her late son David Joseph, as well as her late granddaughter Christina.  Anneliese was married for 60 wonderful years to her late husband Michael Jr.  Anneliese was born in Schwarzerden, Germany in 1935 and lived through the allied bombing of her small village.  Anneliese met the love of her life, Michael Jr, near her own village of Pferdsfeld where he was stationed at the US Airforce Base.  The two were married, and she came with him to America in August of 1959.  Anneliese enjoyed a very busy life in the medical field, working in hospitals near Chicago as well as Atlanta, working in Phlebotomy, ICU, and ER, and dedicating the last 20 years of her working life at St. Joseph's Hospital in Dunwoody, GA.  Anneliese was also an EMT at the volunteer Rutland-Dundee Fire protection district in Illinois, as part of a team of first responders who were notoriously known as "The Rutland Rats" due to their incredibly rapid response times often beating the professional Paramedics to accident and incident scenes.  Anneliese was a Christian most her life and placed her trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and, being absent from her body, she is now present with our Lord.  Anneliese will be missed by all those who knew and loved her.  

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