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Ben C. Brawner

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Benny "Ben"C. Brawner

July 11, 1950 - May 2, 2018

There was one thing we could always count on, and that was that Ben never hesitated to speak his mind. You always knew where you stood with him... good, bad, or indifferent.  His greatest passion, after classic cars and pretty women, was studying people and trying to understand what made them tick. He could tell a story at the drop of a hat and keep you entertained even if you'd heard it many times before (and you probably had). 

Ben was a proud father who loved his children from the tips of his hair (which was beautiful!) to the bottoms of his feet...all 285 lbs, 6'1" of him. He loved drag races and fast cars, music of all genres, and watching movies, when his head wasn't under the hood of a car. The only food he refused to eat was liver, although his capacity to tolerate much chicken maxed out as a child. 

Ben worked hard his entire life, from his roots in middle Tennessee to his decades in Georgia. Even chemo treatments for leukemia did not keep this strong man down. Missing work wasn't an option when he was ill... those absences were for healthy days! He was determined and self-motivated, always trying to be there for his family.  His place of peace and comfort was his home, which he loved.

Ben lost his life battle to vascular disease. His last few weeks went by way too fast after an initial stroke in mid-March when he had his first ever ambulance ride. He is survived by his wife, Sandi Regal Brawner, with whom he shared the last 27 1/2 yrs, his daughter, Tensia M. Brawner, his son, Ben J. Brawner, and daighter-in-law Kristy), his son, Jesse L. Brawner, and his stepson, Keith T. Rybak, all of whom loved him deeply and are heartbroken that he is gone. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Sierra, Stassija, Serena, and Benny, and his greatgranddaughter, Noelle.

Ben was "cooler than socks on a rooster," an expression he often used. He knew all the cuss words and used them as he saw fit. He was no saint, but he was a good man who knew how to love and loved well. His colorful personality will be greatly missed.

A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 3:00 PM, at Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services, Acworth, GA  678-574-3016

10 Comments To "Ben C. Brawner"

anonymous On May 09 2018 at 4pm
My deepest apologies for your loss Sandi, Jesse, Ben Jr and family. Ben was a good man who had immense admiration and love for his family. He was a good dad as well as a great grandfather. The world will truly be missing one of the good ones. May your family find peace during this time and know that yall are being prayed for. Reply to this comment
Joan Regal Ahier On May 08 2018 at 10pm
Sandi, I will never forget the time Brian and I spent a night at your house on a big business trip Brian was on. The four of us went to Waffle House in your vintage car. That was quite an adventure. We still talk about that. Reply to this comment
Gary and Jan McClure On May 07 2018 at 8am
Dear Sandi , If there were words to ease the pain I would share them. Ben had to have been a great man to earn your love and respect. I wish we had had the opportunity to meet him. Love Jan and Gary. Reply to this comment
Judy VanNostrand On May 07 2018 at 8am
I regret that I never had the pleasure of meeting Ben, but I can tell you that his wife's eyes sparkled when she spoke of him! Any time I heard about Ben there was a story that made me laugh out loud! Like the time...somebody showed up for a picnic...but it was the wrong house. The coming days, weeks and months I hope you, Sandy and Jesse, can recall many of your most favorite memories and record them for times when you need a rainbow. Reply to this comment
Barbara Adamek On May 06 2018 at 10am
Sandie: My prayers are with your family and friends as Ben is layed to rest. I wish to be there on Wednesday to offer my heart felt condolences. As God has other plans, do know that I’m hugging you and your children from afar. Many peaceful blessing now and in the future. Barb Adamek Reply to this comment
Sherry Glover On May 06 2018 at 10am
Sandi, What a special woman you are. Ben was lucky to have you for all those years and vice versa. I have heard of you speaking of Ben so many times that I feel like I knew him. I know that he will greatly be missed by you, your children, family, and friends. May God grant each of you the strength to move on without this wonderful man. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Reply to this comment
Martha Weaver On May 06 2018 at 10am
Nora Aynn always kept me updated on you and your family. You guys are having a good time together Just always remember you as a little one going to school with my baby sister. Benny Carl know your family and friends are truly going to miss you. Reply to this comment
Janice and Wayne Adams On May 06 2018 at 10am
Christy I am sorry to hear of your loss. Your family must be going through some very difficult times now. I pray for your strength and understanding and acceptance of God's ways. Reply to this comment
Taylor Regal On May 05 2018 at 2pm
I never had the honor of meeting Ben, but I knew bits from hearing about him from Sandi, and of course, his love of cars and family. I'm grateful that there was a car show that he was able to participate in and enjoy before leaving us so soon. What a great legacy he left behind, and a wonderful tribute that let us know a little more about this amazing man. Peace and comfort to you! Reply to this comment
Sandi On May 05 2018 at 3pm
Thank you, Taylor. He was a true character with a huge heart!
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