Col. Thomas A. Marcone

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Col. Thomas A. Marcone, age 76, of Fayetteville, GA, died January 8, 2020.  Services will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 11:30 AM, at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA.  


Tom entered The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, with 37 F Company “Knobs” (Freshman) on or about August 23rd, 1963.  This began an assimilation into military indoctrination that did not end for him until the latter part of the 1980’s.  At graduation, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army, where he then attended all the requisite Quartermaster Schools, including parachute rigging. He knew about logistics before it ever became popular.

His first assignment was with the “Sub-post” or logistics support facility at Butzbach, Germany, that supported the 3rd Armored Division’s 1st Brigade, 1968-69.  Shortly thereafter, he was reassigned to Long Binh Army Depot, Republic of Vietnam, 1969 - 1970.  Attendance at the QM Advanced Course and other assignments brought him to Washington, DC in the early ‘80’s where he married for a short period of time.  Then a short stint in Egypt working on the M1A1 Abrams Tank Production Facility.  He moved to Atlanta and, subsequently, Fayetteville, GA where he culminated over twenty years of active duty at Fort McPherson.  Upon retirement, he worked for the United States Post Office as a computer programmer and by 2001 he started work for TSA setting up the Hartsfield Airport TSA support immediately after 9/11.

His physical health deteriorated as a result of Agent Orange related ailments causing him to become 100% disabled.  He stayed as active as possible, running daily, gym work outs and volunteering at the local elderly care facility in Fayetteville.  He joined all of us at our 50th Reunion - indicative of Tom’s character were his “suitcases.”  Invariably he’d show up at our reunions with two USPS “discarded” plastic white mail carrier boxes - with his personal possessions!  He is predeceased by his parents - Mario and Dorothy Marcone of East Rutherford, NJ. 

Tom was a long-time close friend and will be sorely missed - may you rest in peace, brother!


David O. Bird

Colonel, US Army, 

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Debbie Voorhees On Jun 29 2020 at 9am
Dear Friends, Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and memories of your experiences with my Uncle Tom. His friends meant the world to him and I am sure he misses all of you as much as you miss him. Please know that he left explicit instructions with me, as executor and his closest family member, to not have an obituary. So I apologize if some of you were unaware of his passing. On Memorial Day 2020 I visited his final resting place at the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Georgia. If you are so inclined to pay your respects, he is buried in Section 10, Grave 47. You will find this cemetery to be a beautiful, park-like setting which is the perfect place to remember him. On behalf of Tom, thank you for your caring, support, and friendship throughout his life. Sincerely, Debbie Voorhees (niece) Reply to this comment
Bill Bushnell On Apr 08 2020 at 2pm
--TA Your departure was unknown for over two months by your fellow F Troopers. You were a special friend and will be missed. We would have been there with you at the Canton ceremony, if we had only known. Your stories and the memories of you will live on in our minds and hearts in the days to come. Rest in Peace. Thanks to Dave Bird for telling the rest of the story. Reply to this comment
Selina Schwanitz On Jan 15 2020 at 5pm
My dear friend Tom. Oh how you will be missed I have so many memories of us hanging out Whether we are going to a restaurant or you’re coming to my house to play ping pong or just talk and have a glass I’ll never forget us running side by side on the treadmill at the gym on Sundays. I cared a lot for our relationship and I know you cared about me. I’ll miss sending you a Christmas card every year too I will never forget you Tom Marcone Rest In Peace my friend. Rest In Peace Reply to this comment
Patrice Blanchard On Jan 13 2020 at 7pm
Tom and I have had a unique, special, wonderful friendship for almost 20 yrs. I knew that I could always count on him for anything that related to me or my family ~ We laughed light heartedly and talked deeply about our pasts and feelings. Our friendship is one that I will always treasure ~ he will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’m still finding it difficult to believe we’ll never speak again, laugh about something silly or discuss something important. Rest In Peace my friend. Love and friendship Always, Patrice Reply to this comment
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