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Eldon McCall

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Eldon Dale McCall passed away peacefully in his sleep of natural causes at his home in Marietta, GA on Saturday 11/25/2022. He was preceded in death by his mother Iona Irene McCall, father Glenn Earl McCall Sr, stepmother Ethel Jean McCall and brother-in-law Bill Westbrook. He is survived by friends of the family Danny and Julie, brother Glenn McCall II (wife Carol) of Arizona, Sister Betty Westbrook of Georgia, nephews James and Barry Glenn, nieces Janice, Jennifer, and Sarah, great nieces Natalie, Emily, and Myra, and many special aunts and uncles and cousins. He was a long-time employee at Crystal Quest Water Purification and had previously done construction. Dale graduated from Joseph Wheeler High School in 1978.  Visitation will be at Georgia Funeral Care and Cremation in Acworth Sunday, 12/4/22 from 2:00-4:00.

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Morgan On Jan 25 2023 at 12pm
I just heard the news, I'm deeply saddened by this, I'm always remember our talks before and after Saturday night meetings, I'd normally be sketching outside with my headphones in, but when I saw you, I'd take them out and just talk with you about life and you always gave me tough love sometimes, but I needed that, I would always get so happy to see you, you were someone I admired and will always admire, I have a father, but you were like a second father to me. You had great wisdom and would pick me up when I was down, showed me great humility, wisdom and kindness. I loved when you'd share at meetings, you spoke through your heart and nothing else. I can sit here and say the what ifs, but I know you wouldn't want that, you'd want me to continue to fight the good fight and I'm always going to carry you in my heart, soul and mind, you made such an amazing impact on my life and I am forever grateful to you. Til I see you on the other side, rest peaceful, my dear friend Reply to this comment
Bill Dickman On Dec 12 2022 at 7pm
I will always celebrate Dale's existance, as he is one person why I'm still in existence. What a great mind who really understood the Truth about all people, our fragility and need for Hope!. He provided that Hope in the most humble manner I've ever experienced. Reply to this comment
Mike Graus On Dec 12 2022 at 7pm
Oh my, I had no choice idea of Dale’s passing. I will remember the talks we had at Waffle House after meetings, just one of us helping another. Always willing to help and carry the message. Sleep easy my friend. Reply to this comment
Sheryll Waggaman On Dec 07 2022 at 8am
Dale worked tirelessly in the recovery community and has touched so many lives, including mine. I’m sure he saved so many lives from this cruel disease. He was a fixture at our conventions, gave so much of his time volunteering. He was very instrumental in the International Convention hosted in Atlanta. Thank you, Dale. We will miss you, but never forget you. You will forever remain in our hearts. Reply to this comment
John Olshinski On Dec 06 2022 at 9am
Dale, You became a true friend. I always looked forward to the times we spent together. You helped so many people and made all of us better. I have you for the rest of my life in my heart, mind and soul. I can only humbly say thank you, my brother, for everything and I wish you eternal peace. John Reply to this comment
Derek Douglas On Dec 06 2022 at 9am
So glad that I had the opportunity of meeting you. You will be missed, my friend. Prayers for family and friends. Reply to this comment
Sarah Linda McCall On Dec 06 2022 at 9am
I am so thankful to have had Dale for family! Dale's sweetness and kindness is what he is most remembered for. His email signature says everything about him, "God gets all the glory. I'm only the messenger boy". When he was little, I'm told that Dale liked to sing You Are My Sunshine and he brought home a black lab puppy and named her Snoopy. Reply to this comment
Robb Updegraff On Dec 05 2022 at 3pm
Rest in peace old friend. Reply to this comment
Christine On Dec 05 2022 at 3pm
Dale is one in a trillion. Gruff exterior with a heart of gold. He administered tough nonsense love. I am better for having known him. He fought the good fight. He is wearing his crown now. Happy joyous free. Reply to this comment
Liz Youngs On Dec 05 2022 at 3pm
Rest in peace, Dale. Saturday nights will never be the same without you my friend. Reply to this comment
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