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James R. Lachney

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James R. Lachney, age 76, of Woodstock, GA, died March 20, 2018.  Services to be announced.

Jim Lachney was a grateful man. He appreciated nature, learning and time with family. He was altruistic and gave openly and lovingly without ever expecting something in return. He saw that everyone he loved, everyone that was close to him had more than what they needed. He saw that the people in his life could live more comfortably, happier, and more fulfilled when they had to want for nothing. He made peoples lives better. He had a passion for the outdoors and knowledge that he shared and passed to all of us. Without him we would never have developed into who we are today. For this we will always be grateful, appreciative, and loving, without an ounce of regret for a person that inspired us to grow and appreciate giving without anything in return for what we give to others. You will always be loved and appreciated Jim Lachney, Dad, Husband, Pawpaw, and Friend. May you Rest In Peace and enjoy hiking trails, canoeing, giving to others, and learning, as it has always brought you joy and peace. You are in our hearts and minds eternally and we will carry on your legacy unconditionally. Love us all, as we love you. You are an inspiration and example to us all as we could live our lives. 

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