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Jeffrey William Edgar Hutcheson

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Jeffrey William Edgar Hutcheson, sang his final fight song, “I’m Moving On”, by Rascal Flatts  on September 11, 2020, signing off on a life that is never to be forgotten. 

God, thankfully, broke the mold after Jeff was born to the late Horace Hutcheson and Brenda Baxter on July 27, 1965, in Baldwyn, Mississippi. Being born to a young couple shaped Jeff's formative years and resulted in a lifetime of lust for everything this world had to offer. Growing up the only boy, among 4 sisters, was a dubious task but he was up for the challenge and led, loved and antagonized his sisters through a childhood of obnoxious pranks in between his own adventures. Jeff and his oldest sister, Lisa, were only 11 months apart and were often confused as twins, especially when dressed in matching sailor suits.  At times, he was a one man rodeo with his horse Candy.  Jeff had a special way with our four legged friends and taught his dog, Butch, to play football.  Aimee and Emily were often on the receiving end of such lessons as Butch charged them each time they got the ball, which resulted in an immediate turnover.  Camille, was the baby sister. They spent most of their time together in Georgia during her teenage years.  He taught her how to properly make a ham sandwich and how to appropriately watch tv with a glass of milk and soft batch cookies. A lot of teens may not want their big brother around, but Camille enjoyed hanging with her friends at church and having Jeff around while he volunteered with the youth group.   Jeff’s mother, Brenda, was not immune to his pranks; but was also his long time confidant during times of trouble. Losing her, three months ago, was something he was trying to learn to live with. 

Jeff started his long and adventurous career at a box company while in high school. He spent a good part of his teenage years working full time, playing football, going to school and yet still had time for some “tom foolery”.   He often reminisced that some of the hometown deputies were still sore about some of the wild oats he had sown. Although Jeff later left his roots to see the world, he always spoke of home with affection in a “Mayberry” kind of way, one would think it was a perfect place.  He started many prideful statements with “ Where I come from...”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Jeff became a patriot. He joined the United States Air Force to see the world. On his tour around the world, he lost some of his Mississippi accent, fell in love with Upper Heyford, England, became a decorated aircraft maintenance mechanic, made his acting debut in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, sang along with Michael Jackson in his BAD tour and earned the rank Disabled Veteran, with a knee injury, while wearing an Air Force Football Jersey in the line of duty. His service to his country and community didn't end after his honorable discharge. Jeff continued to serve his communities and share his unique spin with anyone who would listen.   No matter if he was creating new pizza recipes while working with hometown pals at The Pizza Doctor, providing his expertise in tools while assisting customers in Home Depot, artistically landscaping lawns, surveying in the swamps of north Florida and across north Georgia,  or leading as the General Contractor Superintendent/ Project Manager in building innovative structures, such as Atlantic Station and Atlanta First Baptist Church,  Jeff never left a job where he wasn’t missed.   Jeff’s work ethics were like no other.  In his notebooks, there was a quote that was often repeated  , “There’s no traffic on the extra mile”. Although Jeff attended the Itawamba Community College and the Community College of the Air Force, Jeff was a lifelong learner and self-taught architect and engineer.

Jeff was lucky enough to have 2 women say yes to the dress and produced 3 amazing children. He met and married Rachelle Jones from Mantachie, Mississippi,  shortly after returning home from his military service in 1991.  They were married for about a year and a half and proudly added Amber Brooke Hutcheson (Sheffield) to the Hutcheson family tree.  Jeff soon became Georgia bound where he moved to start a new adventure.  There he met and fell in love with, Kimberly Canuette, who was hoodwinked into thinking he was a charming individual with decorum. Boy, was she ever wrong. Jeff embarrassed her regularly with his witty but off color sense of humor. But his love for her led him to do crazy things with his most recent “honey do” project being a chicken palace that could be on the front of Southern Living magazine. He always said that he enjoyed their conversations; she will miss his 30 minute monologues. 

Growing up in Jeff’s household was never dull. If Toys R Us had not been in business, our rooms would have been empty. He believed in “completing the set”, one princess was never enough and we had our own full Little Tykes farm  and Rescue Heroes Village. He loved showering us with gifts even more than he liked eating or paying bills. 

Jeff claimed to be a simple man with simple wants; maybe because he knew what he liked.   When he liked something, he would buy the same thing in every color.  He always had  2 months worth of clean socks and believed in buying quality brands to the point that he could have been the poster child for Nike, Levis, Swiss Army, Carhart, Toyota, and so on.  He didn’t like stripes, he loved the color red, apple pie, The Atlanta Braves, Ole Miss and The Chicago Bulls during the Michael years, God, pepper and butter.  However, Jeff was anything but simple.  He had a complex set of skills and could sell ice to an Eskimo. He had all the abilities and intellect of a Frank Lloyd Wright or Steve Jobs, but loved so deeply and gave so generously that much of his efforts were spent doing for others rather than progressing his own goals.  He was known by his loved ones for his car karaoke and notebooks full of drawings and dreams. He was an avid lottery player in hopes of one day making all of these dreams come true.

During our formative years, Jeff made sure that our moral fibers were enriched by Disney, sports, church and scouting. Dad held nothing back. If he had a dollar in his pocket and a needy person asked for it; it was theirs. He never met a child he didn't like, he could be as hard core as a special forces soldier, but when it came to children and animals, his gentleness was remarkable.   But Jeff’s love of sports is what created a special bond between Jeff and his son, Hunter.  Hunter really never had a choice as to whether or not he would like sports.  It wasn’t the $400 bats, trip to Cooperstown or official MLB jerseys that developed the love of the game; it was the countless hours that Jeff and Hunter spent on the diamond and in the batting cages with drills and dreams. And although Jeff really invested in Hunter’s baseball career,  it was football that stole Hunter’s heart and Jeff was so proud of the coach and leader he was becoming.  Jeff also had the privilege of watching his daughter, Brooke, design and build her 1st house.  Jeff was so proud to be a part of this process and his barn doors.  Alyssa successfully began her softball years with Jeff by her side, but was soon drawn to singing, dance and acting.  Jeff soon became a musical theater connoisseur and set builder.  

Besides his wife, Kimberly,  and sisters, Lisa Holt (Jeff), Aimee Mann (Jamie), Emily Moore (Dan) and Camille Atkinson (Chase),  Jeff had a younger half brother, Adam Jones.  There are 11 nieces and nephews.  Then, left to squabble over his vast fortune, real estate holdings and "treasures" are his pride and joy kids; Amber Brooke Sheffield (Nathan) of Mantachie, MS, Jeffrey Hunter Hutcheson of Acworth, GA and Alyssa Breanna Hutcheson of Acworth, GA. Other than “Dad”, his favorite name was “Pops”  that he was fondly called by his granddaughter, Aisley Jade Sheffield, daughter of Brooke and Nathan. In his role as Pops, Jeff had begun instilling his love of good food and movies by treating Aisley to special “date nights”.  

Jeff left with us with decades of fond and colorful memories, but his story does not end here. Jeff made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ 26 years ago and now rests in the hope and glory of heaven. For those of us that remain, we have a story to share. Although he did not realize it, his impact on us was infinitely woven into our past, present and future.  From his witty sayings to his death, we commit to share light and love to our friends and family, and support efforts to prevent suicide prevention. 

No flowers, please. The family is seeking donations to offset the expense of publishing an exceedingly long obituary which would have really ticked Jeff off which we hope will make him want to come back and set the record straight. Seriously, what would have made him the happiest is for you to go have a glass of sweet tea with a friend, turn off your phones and share a meaningful moment.

If we haven't dissuaded you and you feel compelled to spend money to honor his memory, donations may be sent to: Baker Elementary School, 2361 Baker Road, Acworth, GA 30101, to plant a tree in the Life Lab where he contributed countless hours during the last 6 months sharing his love of nature and building. OR  NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention.  Link: Donate to NAMI

A celebration of his life will be held on  Wednesday, September 23, at the Georgia Funeral Care and Cremation Services, 4671 S Main St, Acworth, GA 30101,  from 10-12. Jeff despised formality and stuffiness and would really be ticked off if you showed up in a suit. Dress comfortably.  The family encourages you to don anything red, Braves or Ole Miss. Many people have a Jeff story and we'd love to hear them all. Jeff faced his death and his mortality, as he did with his life, face on, often telling us that when he dropped dead to cremate and spread his ashes on our favorite beach.  Much to his disappointment, following the celebration service, he will be properly, but partially interred with full military honors on Wednesday, September 23, at 2:00 pm in the Georgia National Cemetery. Due to Covid 19 regulations, there is a maximum number of 10 participants for the military service.  We are reserving this time for family only. The family is forever in debt to a special person, Mike Simpson, for all of his help during Jeff’s final days. 

Matthew 25: 35-40 35: For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in...40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

To our friends and family, we couldn't have made it through this difficult time without you and your prayers.  A special thank you to Brother Tommy Fountain who led Jeff to Christ, 26 years ago and is officiating the services on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. To share a memory of Jeff or send a condolence to his family please leave us a note below. 

4 Comments To "Jeffrey William Edgar Hutcheson"

Robert Deese On Dec 05 2021 at 11pm
Praying for Kimberly, Hunter, Alyssa and Shelby this Christmas season. March 29, 1970, A very devoted Christian, Fred Deese, went to be with the Lord. Information is available on “we remember”. Reply to this comment
Michelle walker On Sep 20 2020 at 7pm
I did not know Jeff but this obituary was so beautiful and personal I feel like I did. Praying for peace for your family during this time but the greatest joy you can have is knowing he closed his eyes here and opened them in Heaven. Reply to this comment
Treva Aldrich On Sep 18 2020 at 5pm
I don't know you all and you don't know me. I didn't know Jeff. I just want to say that this is the most AMAZING obituary that I have ever read and I must share it. Reply to this comment
Kimberly On Sep 20 2020 at 7pm
Thank you, he was an amazing man.
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