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Adrienne Garrity

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Adrienne Garrity of Acworth passed into the arms of the Lord on the night of January 9th, 2022. Adrienne was born on January 21st, 2014, in Marietta, Georgia. 

Adrienne was diagnosed with autism in the spring of 2017. Through her amazing journey she was blessed to meet many wonderful individuals dedicated to nurturing and helping autistic children bloom. Adrienne was particularly fond of music therapy with Ms. Morgan that she attended every Wednesday. She also made great strides and breakthroughs in the care of her superb teachers, Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Vicki, as well as all the wonderful staff at McCall Primary. 

Adrienne sang all the time; sometimes even making up her own songs. She could turn anything into a song: her desire for pizza, wanting to watch her favorite show (Sofia the First), and playing with slime. 

Though not a morning person, as soon as she was able to shake off her lingering tiredness, she was a girl on the go. She loved going to school, the grocery store, jumping world, the gas station, the park— anywhere really. She simply loved being in the car. 

Adrienne loved all animals, and unfortunately most insects, which she tried to bring into the house at every opportunity. She preferred the outdoors; the weather nothing more than an afterthought to her— though she liked it when it rained most of all. She never met a puddle that wasn’t good for jumping and splashing in. She frowned upon all umbrellas. 

She loved dressing up and was a real fashionista. One of Adrienne’s greatest joys was showing off her outfits and all her little accessories to anyone and everyone, so that they could make a fuss over her. And rightfully so. 

Adrienne was a bright, curious and adventurous little girl. She will be sorely missed by many. 

She is survived by her parents, Billy and Cameron Garrity of Acworth, her little sister Scarlett Grace, as well as her grandparents, and many aunts, uncles and cousins. 

5 Comments To "Adrienne Garrity "

Treva Aldrich On Jan 24 2022 at 6pm
Mr. and Mrs. Garrity, I do not know you, but as the mother of an Autistic child, I know how close that bond is and how hard this must be for you. As a girl who lost a sister who was chronically ill all of her life, I know that Scarlett Grace will need extra love. May you all receive the love, grace, and support you need. Reply to this comment
Matthew/Maria Adcock On Jan 23 2022 at 7pm
This is such a beautiful portrayal of Adrienne. She sure seemed special. To the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, my kindest regards to losing your Princess Angel, your niece, and fellow cousin. To Scarlett Grace, my sincerest apologies for losing your sister. I’m sure Adrienne will be looking over you as you grow older. May the rain drops remind you of the comfort and joy that they brought Adrienne. And to Billy and Cameron, I pray you take solace in your family, friends, and colleagues. May the next insect that comes into the house be a butterfly. It just may be a sign. We are all thinking of. Reply to this comment
Janet Drish On Jan 22 2022 at 12pm
Bill and Alice, Rick and I are thinking of you both as you go through this horrible time. Adrienne sounds like such a special little girl with a beautiful soul. Prayers for you and your family. Reply to this comment
Chandas “Granny” Wooten00 On Jan 21 2022 at 11am
Miss Adrienne, there wasn’t enough time together in our lives, but you will be in my heart forever. Granny loved you so much. Fly free my little Princess Angel. Until we meet again my love. Reply to this comment
Leigh Rodney On Jan 21 2022 at 11am
Billy, I'm truly sorry for the loss. My heart aches and I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. Reply to this comment
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