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Albert William Martin

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Beloved father, grandpa, husband, and engineer - Albert William Martin, born July 17, 1948 in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) passed in the middle of the night this July 14, 2020 after a long battle with cancer, at home, along side his loving wife Kendall in Canton, GA.

His battle is noteworthy as from the beginning of his career as a draftsman he worked until he could no longer hold his proverbial Mechanical Engineering pencil and if you didn’t know him, you wouldn’t know he had cancer. He never complained.

After beginning his early life as a photographer in the US Army (Korea) he started from the bottom in engineering as a draftsman, never changed careers and was his own force of nature and literally never gave up until cancer forced him to put his pencil down just a couple weeks before actually leaving this world. 

His memory is carried on by his biological children Alanna Martin of Kansas (45), son Albert Martin of Pennsylvania (31) and only grandson Niles Heinlein of Kansas (20). 

At home in Georgia he also leaves behind children he considered his own through Kendall - Arien, Daniel, Grey and Sydney, as well as _ _ grandchildren whom he loved very much.

Albert meets his parents Elizabeth Martin of Vienna, Austria and his father William Martin also former US Army both of Pennsylvania, all now together in heaven.

He was family oriented, lively, charming, a planning guru, soft spoken, light hearted, passionate, always on the go, hard working, diligent and always a perfectionist. He understood time and used his wisely. His favorite things were engineering, travel, photography, trains, history & woodworking.

His breakthrough project which catapulted his career was the 1st and largest super dome in the world - the Mercedes-Benz football super dome in New Orleans, LA. He also gave much time doing volunteer work for Gilbane Building Company - the place he loved the most and died while working on the design of the massive Corona Brewing Company in Mexico.

He would never say this but we all know he is one of the top engineers in the world and he is smiling now (and really, still holding his pencil).

4 Comments To "Albert William Martin"

Sally Schroeder On Jul 21 2020 at 9am
The narrative above here really seems to describe the Al Martin that I knew. We will truly miss him at the Atlanta Gilbane office. My condolences to Kendall and all of his family and friends. In God's Peace, Sally Schroeder Reply to this comment
Gerard McDonald On Jul 21 2020 at 9am
I'm very sorry to hear about Al's passing. I worked with Al since he started at Gilbane. My interactions with him were always pleasant and informative. Al took care to provide the best information on every project no mater the size. Al was always patient with me - I'm a field guy & he had no trouble taking time to explain mechanics & cost to me. He will be missed. God Bless his entire Family. Sincerely, Gerry McDonald Reply to this comment
Annette McMillen On Jul 21 2020 at 9am
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of a Gilbane family member, I have worked at Gilbane for years and know everyone here is considered family. You have my deepest condolences and prayers. Reply to this comment
Drew Gaskins On Jul 21 2020 at 9am
I miss you brother, now rest in peace. I will hold dearly to my heart the memories of our regular morning sessions laughing at the coffee station in the office at 0445 those mornings! Reply to this comment
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