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Antoine Davenport

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Antoine Jose Davenport, 45 years of age, passed on Sunday, September 19, 2021, at Atlanta VA Medical center. Antoine was born August 16, 1976, in Kinross TWP to Peggy Joyce Watkins and Felix Davenport and two bonus parents. He was the second to the oldest of four children. Antoine was educated in physical education at the University of Arizona where he studied Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy at Atlanta. Antoine married Sonica Davenport in 2005 and was blessed with eight children. Antoine professed his life in the care of taking care of others and committed healer to many near and far. His enthusiasm and commitment to providing pain to better the ability of everyone he came across. He served as CEO of Kinetic Touch Medical Massage. He was a husband, father, grandfather, veteran and was always thinking of others first. Antoine leaves to cherish his loving memory his children Akeem, Macquan, Donshay, Octavies, Natasia, Twijane, Treyvon, and Antoine. 

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Hazel McDonald On Oct 08 2021 at 8am
Sometimes I'm speechless and in disbelief. It still seems unreal. There won't be any more videos of you explaining what procedures you used to help your clients and I won't have to look up those loooonnnnnnggggg words you used. LOL I'm like wait... what?! hahaha No more words of encouragement or silly sarcasms... only memories. I'm glad and extremely proud to have known such a special person... someone I can say, 'You should be more like Tony.' I'm not going to be long... you know I'm ADHD and OCD. I don't want either one of them knowing I'm awake. In short, you're going to be missed. RIP Antoine Jose Davenport. Reply to this comment
Lessie Trotter On Oct 07 2021 at 7am
I never thought when I hugged Jose and said goodbye that it would be the very last time. If I knew, I probably would not have let go. God knows these things so that it why His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We can only see what is in front of us and not far in the future. We can only trust Him. I know he is in better hands now with no more suffering and no more pain. The Lord whispered his name and it was his time to answer.” Reply to this comment
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