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Caroline M. Stiglitz

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Caroline M. Stiglitz, age 87, of Kennesaw, GA, died October 25, 2018.  Services to be announced.

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Michael On Oct 30 2018 at 7pm
Dear Stiglitz family. I am so sorry to have read of the death of Caroline. Please accept my sincere condolences. I would like to share something that I have personally found to be comforting. It is found in the Bible at John 5:28, 29 and Revelation 21:4. (Please read) May God give you and your family comfort in His promise that soon we will never experience losing our loved ones in death and we will be able to see them again once they are resurrected. With deepest sympathy and warmth of heart. Additional Bible based comfort can be found at jw.org Search:Comfort. Reply to this comment
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