Dalia Esther Ferretiz

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Dalia Esther Ferretiz, age 54, of Woodstock, GA, died September 19, 2019. Funeral services will be held on September 22, 2019, 2 PM in the chapel of Georgia Funeral Care, in Acworth, GA.

To the most beautiful woman in the world, I wish I could put into words how much you mean to us. Our love for you is greater than I can express in a few simple sentences, but you always taught me to try my best, so here I am. You were seriously the most beautiful woman in the world. My father would stop in his tracks every time you entered the room. My sister would strive to be like you. My brother would look for you in his times of trouble. And I would always look to you for clarity and inspiration. These are the simple things you gave us in life, but the most valuable. You taught us how to love despite difference, how to give without expecting, and how to serve others in times of need. You taught us all these things because that’s how you lived your life. You lived your life loving God, loving others, and always thinking of yourself second, but you don’t have to anymore. You’ll always be first in our minds and in our hearts.

You gave us the world and because of that we will be ok in this world now that you’re gone. Don’t worry mama we’ll be fine. The world just got a little darker now that you’re gone, but heaven just got brighter.Love you 3000,Your little Iron man, Isaakin

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Connie Parrott On Sep 23 2019 at 1pm
Dalia was so sweet and a good friend. Praying for the family. Reply to this comment
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