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Donna Lynn (Farley)  passed away on Wednesday, July 31, at the age of 72. Donna was born in Detroit, Michigan, a daughter of the late Francis Myron Farley and Helen Katherine (Janik) Farley.

Donna was such an amazing person. She did so many things with her life and was a dear friend to so many people. There isn’t a person that she met that she didn’t want to help. She always had a kind word for everyone. Since she was born in Detroit, she always lovingly called herself the “Yankee”. Before settling in Georgia in 1975, Donna bounced around up north spending time in Michigan and New York. During her childhood she spent some years in Florida. Donna wasn’t a person to lock herself into one thing, and she experienced many different careers in her time. 

Donna had enlisted in the Marines and made it through boot camp but had a medical complication that forced a medical discharge. She went to beauty school and was a hairstylist in the late 60’s ( and boy were there some styles back then!), she did some office type sales, she was a salesperson in a few high end department stores in the 70’s, she worked security at Kmart in the 70’s, became a travel agent and finally found her home on the General Motors assembly line. Her father Francis Myron and her sister Farrah also worked for GM at separate times, so we were a GM family! Her security job at Kmart was the most memorable because that is where she met her husband of 40 years, William Pappert. They settled in Powder Springs and started a family and made a home there. Donna was a lover of life. She loved animals, life for her was not complete without her kitties. She was a collector of fine jewelry and very proud of what she had collected.

Donna was the most loving, caring, open minded woman I have known. Donna was the most attentive mother, after the birth of her daughter, that was her life. Donna was the room mother for many years with Stefanie and always went on field trips and came to band concerts and baked cookies for bake sales. Family came first to Donna, no matter what. My mother loved Greek food and had always hoped to travel to Greece and to Australia. She loved disco music and the 70’s were her favorite era. She loved to travel and had made it to the Bahamas twice. Donna was the mother to Stefanie Lynn (Pappert) Wilder of Hiram, Georgia and a grandmother to Steven Lloyd Wilder III and William Edward Wilder. She was the sister to Farrah Farley. 

There will be no funeral service but there will be a celebration of life ceremony in the weeks to come for William and Donna Pappert.

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