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Jacqueline M. Ambler, 87, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 5,2020 from a heart attack.  Jacqueline, known as Jackie, was born December 6, 1932 in Philadelphia, Pa.  Happily married for 65 Years to Frank R. Ambler.  They moved and lived in the state of Florida for over 60 years, until Frank's death in 2018.  Jackie moved to Georgia to be with her 2 daughters and their families.  Jackie is survived by her 2 daughters, Joyce (Mike) Shyer, of  Rydal Ga. and Barbara (Billy) James of Smyrna Ga. 3 Grandchildren Michael Jr. (Candy) Shyer of Rydal Ga. and  Justin and wife Wendy Shyer of Woodstock Ga. and Amy Canfield Almeida, of Smyrna Ga. Along with 10 great grand daughters and 3 great grand sons, all from Georgia.  Jackie loved cooking and good food. She resided at Gaines Park in Kennesaw.  Jackie was very social and outgoing with all the activities.  She was remarkable considering she was legally blind due to glaucoma. (the loss of site never kept her down) She truly loved to help others and was so happy living and thriving at Gaines Park Senior Living. The services for Jackie and Frank will be held at a later date.

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Joyce Shyer On Dec 17 2020 at 11am
On November 20, 2020 - I was able to bury Daddy & Mom at The Georgia National Cemetery in Canton,Ga. I was only allowed 10 people, which was hard because I have 10 granddaughters!! The Navy came and did taps along with flag honors. The lord gave me strength and held me up to be able to read a 2 page letter that I wrote for them. Then we all went to dinner to celebrate them. I know in my heart this made them proud and I know they are resting together in peace here in Ga. Thank you all again for all your kind and loving messages.❤️ Reply to this comment
Maureen M. Helms On May 07 2020 at 7pm
There are so many beautiful memories of my dear friend Jackie Ambler. We met in Miami in the 60’s. Two young women became the best of friends. Many of her talents were lessons for a better life. She never allowed much time to remain unhappy with herself or others. She always had a balance in her daily living. We spent, as we would say “the best time in our lives” was in the Keys. We watched the sun go down every night enjoying every moment. Frank was the love of her life and her two beautiful daughters. I thank God for our friendship. Reply to this comment
Tricia Ware On Apr 28 2020 at 8am
I was only able to meet Mrs Jackie one time. She and her daughter Joyce spent the day with my mother and myself in Ellijay at the Apple Festival. Everyone had a wonderful time and the mothers got along great.. That was many years ago before Mrs Jackie moved to Georgia. Since then I have lost my mother and now Joyce and Barbara have lost there’s. I didn’t get to know her well but Joyce is one of my best friends. I have known Joyce for over 20 years. Mrs Jackie raised a beautiful, loving and caring daughter that has help me through some painful times in my life and is always there if anyone needs her. I’m so sorry for your loss Joyce but know I’m always here if you need me. Love Tricia Reply to this comment
Kimberly Pickering On Apr 11 2020 at 5pm
I miss having Jackie, as we called her, in my nightly activities. She was always a great contributor. If she forgot about the night activity and had already dressed for bed, she would change her clothes and come on down. Loved having her here at Gaines Park. Reply to this comment
Virginia Day On Apr 09 2020 at 3pm
We loved Jackie and we miss her so very much. She was so kind to all of us at Gaines Park, and had the most positive attitude all the time. She truly brought a ray of sunshine into the room always helping someone who needed to share their joy or sadness. She encouraged the staff with her kind words about someone or something every day. After her meals was when she enjoyed her time for music. Watching her as she listened to the music as she sat by the window and commenting "Oh the music is so pretty" was uplifting for us. We miss her so much but we are so Thankful for Her Beautiful Life giving us encouragement and an example to follow. We pray for God's comfort to her Family. Virginia Reply to this comment
Joyce Shyer On Mar 28 2020 at 12pm
March 27, 2020. Happy Birthday Daddy! I’ve been thinking of you and Mom all day. I just want to “THANK” everyone for all the wonderful and loving posts that have been written. It truly has been so heartfelt for me and my sister, Barbara. ❤️ This lock-in, due to this terrible virus, has been so hard on everyone. So with Blessings, I wish everyone good health and happiness. Love Joyce ❤️ Reply to this comment
Candy Shyer On Mar 24 2020 at 3pm
To the GG that made an everlasting impression on my life, even before we actually met ???? My youngest daughter now listens to the books on CD you sent our family YEARS AGO in 2008; and I remember clearly when you sent a lovely shawl to keep me cozy after having my brain surgery in 2012. Your phone calls for all those years were always a joy, and then I finally got to meet you in person ???? There is no denying that our outgoing personalities were a perfect match! You always made me feel loved, and appreciated. Your humor was as silly as mine when it was just the two of us together ???? I loved you dearly while here on Earth, and feel super blessed knowing you are watching from up above ☺️ Love you, GG.... and, yes, I will tell Michael you love him ???? Enjoy your health, and wealth, in heaven with Frank ???? Reply to this comment
Susan L Bishop On Mar 22 2020 at 11am
Joyce and I have been best friends since 1966, 8th grade. Spent many days at her house and her at mine. We have remained close even with her move from Miami, FL to Georgia. Reading through many of the statements about Jackie, her strength, the love she shared with her husband Frank as well as her friends, children and grandchildren are so true. You could see the love between her and Frank, an especially kind soul was special. One of the generous things I remember about Jackie was opening up her home for a baby shower for the son I had just adopted. I was grateful for her kindness. Last year I visited with Joyce and went to see her at Gaines Park and you could see how much she loved being there and the friend she had there. Sending love and light to everyone that is missing her and Frank. Reply to this comment
Mike Shyer On Mar 19 2020 at 8pm
When I first met Mom, I knew she was a strong willed woman. She spoke and said what was on her mind and nothing kept her down. She loved her husband (Frank) so much. Every night she would fix his bed and tuck him in, putting sports on the TV. (Dad was her Knight in Shining Armor) We all truly miss her and I hope she remembers to give Dad a hug from me. Love -Mike Reply to this comment
Larry Shyer On Mar 18 2020 at 5pm
Frank and Jackie or Jackie and Frank, I also enjoyed visiting with both. From drinking a cold beer with Frank or just talking to Jackie. You both will be missed but we will all meet again. Reply to this comment
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