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Kirby Maines

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Kirby, not David, Maines was born on April 4, 1949 in Lorain, Ohio to Jane and the late David Maines, and returned to his heavenly home on July 7, 2020.  He was married for 22 years to the love of his life, Edie.  He was proud father to Ryan, JD, and Tiffany, and step father to Lauren and Erin.  He gladly welcomed Monique, Prina, Greg, Taylor and Jim into the family through marriage to his children.   His greatest joys were his grandchildren, Elle, Scarlett, Abel, Brooks, Jack, Meg & Isaac.  He was older brother to Deborah (Doug), Brian (Jody) and Charlie (Martha). He served and was honorably discharged from all four branches of the military, but as his well-disciplined children can testify, is a Marine through and through.  He was a diehard Tarheel fan, French toast connoisseur, eternal optimist, unapologetic pragmatist, faithful friend, and unabashedly honest man.  He loved to play golf with his buddies on Saturday (and Tuesday through Friday) morning, make his grandchildren laugh, watch sentimental Hallmark movies, and was painful to go shopping with.  He loved traveling and made it to all the states except Vermont and Alaska, yet still couldn’t quite find time to clean out the garage, now home to mountains of lost golf balls.  He was firm in his beliefs and never swayed by societal changes, yet was respectful of other’s opinions.  His smile and laughter were contagious, love of apple pie endless, hatred of parmesan cheese passionate.  Kirby loved Jesus, in the difficult times he found solace and comfort in his Bible, and wanted us all to not worry, to know that he was ready to meet his heavenly Father.  

Kirby Maines loved Jesus, his family, being a Marine, playing golf, oldies, and meat and potatoes.  He requested to have a celebration of his life rather than a funeral, so we request that you join us to hear a brief word from Reverend Edgar Waters, view the presentation of the flag and taps, an oldies parade, and virtual cookout.  In respect of his and his family’s wishes, we request that you remain in or beside your car at Brookfield Country Club and view the service on Facebook live on Kirby’s page, stand for the playing of taps, and drive by his immediate family with a brief pause so we can hear your favorite oldie.  Enjoy a meat and potatoes meal with your family and post a picture on his Facebook page.  No suits, ties or black, please don your brightest golf attire. 

Location: Brookfield Country Club, 100 Willow Run, Roswell, GA 30075

Time: Saturday, July 11 @ 1700 (5 pm for those on civilian time)

In lieu of flowers, Kirby wanted donations made to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in his honor.

30 Comments To "Kirby Maines"

Mashanda Ruffin On Aug 02 2020 at 8pm
It was a pleasure to work with Kirby at the Home Depot SSC and MTC offices. I enjoyed his sense of humor and relaxed nature.. I didn't get a chance for him to show me some of his golf techniques but he shared some good tips with me. I extend my sincere thoughts to his family. He was definitely missed when he retired and I know he will be missed but not forgotten with his family and friends. Reply to this comment
Al Koenig On Jul 12 2020 at 12pm
This was a wonderful tribute to Kirby. It had all of his loved ones present in one form or another, and captured the essence of Kirby’s loves and interests in life. Well done! We all love and miss you Kirby, but we are content in the celebration of your life! Reply to this comment
Craig Morley On Jul 12 2020 at 12pm
I worked with Kirby in Columbia, SC, many years ago, 1984-86 (??) for PMSC on Lady St. He and I shared a cubicle and he was always ready to offer advice and kind guidance. We rode the same city bus back and forth to work and shared laughs and family. We connected back in 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio, to catch up. I know who he's playing golf with now and pray God's blessings on his family. Reply to this comment
Steve Fields On Jul 11 2020 at 2pm
Kirby was one of the friendliest men I have ever known. Never saw him get upset, even when he missed a 3 foot putt. You will be missed my friend. Reply to this comment
Stan & Helen Maines On Jul 11 2020 at 2pm
Please accept our sympathy. Reply to this comment
Roz Winston On Jul 11 2020 at 2pm
Kirby was a kind and gentle soul. I very much enjoyed working with him. I could always count on Kirby to tell the truth about a situation and express his true feelings and give advice, no matter what it was. He was always there when you needed him and never had the heart to tell you no. Kirby has moved on to the next phase of his life (eternal life), the most glorious place of all, in the presence of the God. Reply to this comment
Tracy Waters On Jul 11 2020 at 2pm
Our sincere condolences during these difficult days of loss and grief, and best wishes for the days of healing and the new morning Reply to this comment
JOHN CARBUTT booo On Jul 10 2020 at 9am
Edie, I am solo Sorry for you're loss of Kirby. I never had the special Honor of meeting Kirby, I know him from the pictures that Susan sent to me on Facebook and I could tell from the pic's he was a Happy good looking Man and may he rest in peace in that Beautiful Golf course in Heaven,,,,soo Sorry Edie Much Love and Peace,,JOHN CARBUTT,❤❤❤ Reply to this comment
June Henson On Jul 10 2020 at 9am
I was lucky to work with Kirby for a number of years at Home Depot. Always was a happy guy and enjoyed a good laugh. I enjoyed that he was was willing to teach you what he knew but perhaps that was to eliminate something from his plate or just to keep me from bothering him. He did love golf, talk about cars, and cake. My condolences to the family as I know this time is unbearable. Kirby will be missed. Reply to this comment
Sherry Broadway On Jul 10 2020 at 9am
Edie and family, you all will continue to be in thought and prayer. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful guy who was loved and admired by all who knew him. We will remember him with love and the many ways he touched our lives. Reply to this comment
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