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Linda Gayle Singer (January 17, 1946 to April 19, 2019)

Linda Gayle Singer (“Singer”) died peacefully in her home in Atlanta on April 19, 2019 after a 10-year battle with ovarian cancer.  She fought hard to live well and thoroughly enjoyed life despite being told on numerous occasions that she had only months to live.  She had a great sense of humor, was generous to everyone she met, had a mind of her own, and was in charge throughout her journey, even to the point of writing her own obituary.  

Singer was born in Atlanta in 1946 to James and Rose Singer and was the youngest of 5 children.  She was preceded in death by her parents and by the love of her life, her wife Jessie DuVall.  She is survived by her siblings Bob (Jackie) Cochran, Harry (Evelyn) Singer, Carole Spurlock, Cecil (Myra) Singer, and many beloved nieces and nephews.  She leaves behind her constant providers of care and comfort, her cats Brubeck and Clooney.  She also leaves behind her caring and supportive brother-in-law, Harry Plapinger, as well as her amazing Atlanta support team, “Team Singer,” including Mary Arthur (her everyday best friend), Nita French, Patti Ann Allen, Patti Duffett, Joy Harris, Jill Cohen, Pat Coggins, and Ginna McFarling.  She would also like to acknowledge her many other friends and family members from all over the country who supported and loved her throughout her journey, and made it more bearable.  She would have named them all but, if she did, the price of this obituary would mean she had nothing left to leave her beneficiaries!

Singer firmly believed in “living large” every day.  She was 6’ 2, a natural at basketball, and she was a self-proclaimed world-class athlete.  She attended Georgia College and State University where she earned a BA in education and Georgia State University where she earned a Master’s degree in exercise physiology.  Subsequently, she taught PE for 20 years and was named teacher of the year for the City of Atlanta in 1991.  She and Jessie also spent 10 wonderful years in Olympia, WA where she continued her teaching career and made many more life-long friends.

Singer was a serial entrepreneur and found many unique ways to make money while having fun:  selling peanuts at Lake Lanier, running a vegetable stand, and hanging wallpaper for which she built her own scaffolding.  She was a master chef, loved to share good food with her friends, and made wooden toys and beautiful painted floor cloths.  In all these areas, she displayed great creativity, but her greatest gift of all was story telling.  People would hang on every word, laugh uproariously, and always ask for more.  She loved doing things her way, and even threw her own Celebration of Life party prior to her death with the theme “Go Big, Then Go Home” where many friends and family from all over the U.S. ate Southern food, danced, shared Singer stories, and expressed their love and appreciation of her.  

Singer requested that people honor her memory by hugging a loved one and keeping her stories alive. 

8 Comments To "Linda Gayle Singer"

Peggy Jo Zimmerman On Apr 28 2019 at 3pm
What an inspirational person you were Singer. You and Jessie were so perfect together and I will forever be grateful to have had you both as friends. Reply to this comment
Susi sinclair On Apr 28 2019 at 3pm
I met Linda with Jessie at the Washington State Retirement Systems where I worked. From the second I met both of them, we all bonded and laughed and our conversation went on forever. Time didn't and we stayed in touch until Linda came back into the agency and told me that Jesse had passed away. We both hugged and cried and then she said goodbye and knowing her was so important to me. Linda was one of a kind and I'm grateful to have known her. You are now again with Jesse and both of you will never be apart ever. RIP Linda. Reply to this comment
Michael Cochran On Apr 25 2019 at 8am
You were an inspiration to me and helped me find my way in life. I will miss your constant love of life. Reply to this comment
Diane Hower On Apr 23 2019 at 4pm
I’ve never read an obituary that was so perfectly written to capture all the magic of Singer. She deserves every word. RIP my friend. Reply to this comment
Debra Snell On Apr 23 2019 at 4pm
Will miss your fabulous smile and kindnesses. I hope you’ve found Jessie. With love Delra Reply to this comment
Lisa Whitstine On Apr 23 2019 at 4pm
Singer, May you Rest In Peace in Heaven! You were a blessing while on earth but it’s time for you to tell all the angels your stories in Heaven. God Bless you! Reply to this comment
Randy Shehow On Apr 23 2019 at 4pm
Only met her once, through mutual friends, and i must say, she left a remarkable and lasting impression. She had a wonderful and beautiful soul. Peace be with you sweet lady. Reply to this comment
Sondra & Andi On Apr 23 2019 at 4pm
Wow, now that's an obituary full of a life well lived! Nice job Singer! Enjoy your new and exciting journey with Jessie! Reply to this comment
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