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Steven Ellison

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Steven Ellison has recently passed unexpectedly at the young age of 55.

Born in Georgia in 1966, you could expect to find young Steve outside, building or creating something... or maybe likely getting away with something he was told not to do. He spent his childhood days caring for those around him, with his brother Matthew and two sisters Becky and Tammy. Wherever you found him, you certainly and undoubtedly found him painted with his huge, infamous bright smile. You could hear his big laugh miles away.

Steve lived in many places, including Texas and California upon completion of his college education. Notably, an important and large amount of time was spent time in California, where he took to many hobbies, including the sport of bodybuilding, driving fast cars and motorcycles, and hunting. He completed his education at Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. It was here in southern California where he met his wife, Jill, and raised 4 children before returning to Georgia.

Steve had a successful long-standing professional career in the Construction industry for almost 30 years, where he humbly held Project Management positions across multitudes of commercial and residential projects. Here he exercised his natural talents in his love and passion for people -- and building and fixing just about anything.

Perhaps we remember Steve most for how closely and deeply he regarded his family. No worldly material things could compare to the pure, heartwarming joy he received in witnessing the success and accomplishments of his brother and sisters - his wife- or his children. No success was too small for rumbling praise.

Steve supported each of his 4 children's devotions in attendance of birthdays, sports games, fundraisers, music recitals, marching band performances, graduations, and every award ceremony in-between. He arrived dressed to a "T" and made a point to be the loudest cheerleader in the room with a whistle that would make your ears pop, and his kid's eyes roll. They never told him they secretly loved it.

Quality time and reliability were truly invaluable to Steve. If you needed him day or night, you could expect open arms with no hesitation were at your feet. He seemed to know what gift was just right. It being a listening ear, a day of fishing, a bunch of flowers, or a small box of your favorite candy. He wanted to turn your sorrow into happiness, and your happiness into joy

He knew when to push you, and when to give you a shoulder. He desired for you to make it on your own, but wanted you to know his helping hand was there just in case.

Steve is survived by his wife Jill (55 y/o), 3 daughters Michal (26 y/o), Tori (25 y/o), Remy (22 y/o), and 1 son Scott (21 y/o).

Steven Ellison's service is to be held at 2 pm Sunday, August 29th, 2021 at 415 Charles Cox Drive, Canton, GA 30115.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and your contributions to the family.

2 Comments To "Steven Ellison "

Al & Vicki Scheck On Sep 01 2021 at 4am
Jill, you, the kids, Julie, and the rest of the family have been so much on our minds since Julie let us know. We tried to stream the service, but it didn't work for us. Just know that we were there with you in spirit. Sending a big hug and prayers for comfort. Reply to this comment
Bob Briggs On Aug 28 2021 at 6am
Jill and Family, Our greatest sympathies go out to all of you for losing so young a wonderful husband and father at such a young age. We hope to make it to your service after attending an earlier scheduled service in Woodstock. bbriggs77@windstream.net Reply to this comment
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