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Tammy Stokes Shoemaker

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Tammy Shoemaker (Stokes), 56, of Canton, GA, passed away Friday evening, April 20, 2018. She was preceded in death by her parents, Franklin David and Mary Sue Stokes, and her husband, Gerald Shoemaker. She is survived by her sister Teresa Earwood, brother Michael Stokes, son Christopher Sutton, son Jonathan and wife Jennifer Sutton, grandchildren Ariel, Aliah, Hailey, and Cole Sutton, as well as many family and friends. She was known as a loving mother, grandmother, and friend. She had a fondness for animals, admired nature, and enjoyed being outdoors and near the water. Much of her time was spent amongst friends and family, and especially found great joy in doting on her grandchildren. Visitation will be five to seven o’clock in the evening followed by a service on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at Georgia Funeral Care and Cremation Services in Acworth, GA.

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Diana Grogan On Apr 27 2018 at 12pm
Tammy....we shared the same grandchildren(Ariel and Cole). I am grateful for that. You always went out of your way to make them happy. Like the time you paid for Ariel to have dance lessons, and all the clothes you would get for Cole, and so much more. There was a short time in our lives that you and I spent much time talking on the phone over our grandchildren. You also had many talents, such as being an excellent cook, and could cook anything over a fire pot when camping. You were always kind to me. Thank you for being there when we needed you. Rest in the beauty of new life, and freedom sweet lady Reply to this comment
Kara Keener On Apr 27 2018 at 12pm
I love my family and truly hurt for them. Michael and Teresa, I lift you up to Jesus during this time. If I were there, I’d hug you both tightly. As I reflect on how fleeting this life is, family is a comfort we are all the richer for. And I am happy to have had Tammy as my cousin. I love her and hope she is at peace with Jesus, maybe skipping rocks along a beautiful, heavenly creek. I’m so sorry that I am in Maryland and won’t be there to say goodbye. But know that Tammy is loved by us. Reply to this comment
Diana Grogan On Apr 27 2018 at 12pm
Tammy....one beautiful thing we shared...Ariel and Cole. You gave your love to your Grandchildren. Making sure Ariel could go to her dance classes, and thinking of their needs such as buying up clothes for Cole. Your cooking was so good! And there was nothing you couldn’t fix for dinner over a camping fire. We had a season of sharing and talking over the phone quite often when the grandkids were small. They saw how much you cared and loved them. Rest now in the beauty and peace of freedom Tammy. You will be missed Reply to this comment
Tammy Powell On Apr 27 2018 at 12pm
She Would Always Let Walk With Her They House Right Nexts To Grandma House When Visted She Always You With To House When We Would Visted Grandma Tammy I Miss You Will Always Be My Heart Reply to this comment
Larry On Apr 25 2018 at 2pm
Always loved your sweet ways, cousin. We grew up together. Reply to this comment
Larry Glover On Apr 25 2018 at 2pm
We grew up together cousin, always loved her sweet ways. Reply to this comment
Melrose Flowers On Apr 25 2018 at 9am
Beautiful woman with infectious smile an awesome mother,fly with the Angels girlfriend you earned it Reply to this comment
Karen Delozier On Apr 25 2018 at 9am
You were my best friend and I miss you Soooo much. We had a lot of great times. I will think of you everyday. I love you Tammy. Reply to this comment
Patsy On Apr 24 2018 at 11pm
my sweet cousin i have had sweet memories flooding my mind about us running through those pastures and playing in the barn and at our grandmas house when we were young I love you and miss you Reply to this comment
Shawnda On Apr 24 2018 at 11pm
I wish I could've met you. Ive heard some of the funniest and sweetest stories about you from Chris. He really misses you and so does everyone ive met these last few days. You are loved beyond words and I cant wait to meet you one day. Reply to this comment
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