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Dolcie Dolly Grumble-Estwick

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Born on February 06, 1927, Dolcie Dolly Grumble-Estwick passed away on December 14, 2020, in Acworth, Georgia at the age of 93.

Known to many as Mother Grumble or Mother G., Dolcie was a caring, kind-hearted, loving, and energetic soul.  She would always reach-out regularly to friends and family just to know that we are doing well and the let us know that we are in her heart and that she is always thinking of us.  The reality of not being able to receive her phone calls, and to hear her voice, is just one small, yet touching way, that we will all miss Dolcie.

Dolcie devoted much of her time and energy to connect with God.  Through her life, Dolcie's faith never wavered - her bond with our Lord is unbreakable.  Now she has been called by our Lord as an angel in Heaven that we can all take comfort in knowing that she will continue to watch over us.

Dolice leaves behind 4 adult children, Rollin, Carol, Merle, and Jen.  9 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, some of which are now adults in their late 20s, and 1 great-great grandchild.

5 Comments To "Dolcie Dolly Grumble-Estwick"

Aubrey E Downey On Dec 19 2020 at 9am
Gone but not forgotten Mum R.I.P Reply to this comment
Alexis Wilkinson On Dec 19 2020 at 9am
Sending tons of love to my in laws. Grammy (my baby) is what I called her. You are one of my favorite people in the world! You have made the last 15 years of my life an absolute joy! I will forever be grateful for having you in my life! You will be greatly missed, continuously loved and forever in my heart. I love you! Rest in Heaven, you are now my Angel! Reply to this comment
Dawn Sutton On Dec 19 2020 at 9am
Ms Dolcie the little time I spent with u was such a blessing. Im surely going to miss you . Wishing you peace , comfort and hope in the midst of your savior. I love you ???? - Marie Reply to this comment
June Estwick Lyte On Dec 19 2020 at 9am
My/our aunt whom we all call DD has lived a long life. She will be missed but I know that shes with her maker. Our thoughts and prayers are with our cousins and their extended families. Stay strong guys. From the Lytes, Estwicks Reply to this comment
Jennifer Estwick On Dec 19 2020 at 9am
My aunt rest in peace condolences from myself children and grandchildren you will be missed sleep on my aunt Reply to this comment
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