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Robert Charles Pogachnik

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On November 3rd, 2020, the Lord added another angel to heaven by calling Robert Charles Pogachnik home to be with Him.  While on this earth, Robert’s life was filled with many good times and memories that he created with those who knew him. He is surely remembered by everyone he encountered while on his walk.  In life, it is important to see that although life moves fast, it is most important to know the legacy of the person that left us, from the beginning of one’s life to the end.  Most relevant to life is what we do while we are here on this earth and how that is expressed with one of the simplest signs, a “dash.”  The simple dash that goes between the date of birth and the day a person leaves to go with the Lord, though very short, represents a lot about Robert’s life to those that love him.  Robert’s dash symbolizes all the good times, the bad times, the joy, the love, the vacations, the laughs, the overseas experiences, the memories, the relationships formed, the people’s lives Robert changed by his character, and lastly, the man he was until the end.   Robert was also baptized in the name of our father Jesus at The Sanctuary (Mt. Calvary Baptist Church) in Jacksonville, Florida in early 2007.  A good man worthy to have earned his wings.

Robert Charles, son of Charles and Helen Pogachnik, was born October 7, 1946 in Williston Park, New York.  From the time Robert was born, he was very driven to be the best at everything he did.   He graduated Chaminade High School in Williston Park, New York and went on to graduate from Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina.  He proudly served as a United States Marine in the Vietnam War.  The simple pleasure of playing baseball, as a kid and throughout his life, brought him great joy.  His love for the game was seen through his teaching and playing; his passion for the sport went from the field to the hearts of the people that he loved.  As he aged, Robert became more of who God called him to be, and he enjoyed his life in everything he did to the very end. 

In 2006, Robert married Angela Pogachnik.  After noticing her while strolling through his apartment complex, Robert proved to be consistent for six months by always making sure he made his way to Angela to ensure she knew he was interested.  While taking his dog, Rosie, for a stroll in the park, he asked her out to dinner.  That was the beginning of a beautiful love story.  He took her to LeCena in Jacksonville, Florida on their first date.   One month later, Robert and Angela took a trip to Bahamas and the rest was history.  Robert and Angela set foot on adventures for the next 15 years together. They traveled half way around the world enjoying the best of life in places to include their honeymoon in Paris, followed with trips to Rome, Mexico, Amsterdam, Ecuador, London, Seattle, Paris,  Ireland, Dominican Republic, Italy, Jamaica and many more. He lived the see the light of love shine in Angela’s eyes.  He proved his best by sharing life with her; his promise to love her and experience smiles and laughter.  One of the notorious traits about Robert was his sense of humor.  The two would laugh at each other’s jokes all the time. He was really one of the best unpaid actors one could have ever known.  Robert also enjoyed showing off his dancing skills with Angela on the many wonderful adventures they did together. Along the way, Robert kept tokens of places and things they did, and he became a master of making photo albums of their life story.

As a father, he upheld integrity, truth, and honor.  He knew he and those he loved are worthy of all things good.  His strength helped those around him understand the hardest decisions in life; and his forgiveness showed the renown depths of God’s grace.  His passion for baseball continued through his fatherhood, resulting in teaching others hard-work, persistence, dedication, and resiliency.  Those core foundations enabled Robert to share those traits with his and Angela’s children and their grandchildren.  He loved unconditionally.  He showed love in the truest form, as our Heavenly Father loves us.  Robert enjoyed his family and made the best of living his best life while he was yet still alive. Robert also enjoyed riding his Harley Davidson, theatre, baseball, running marathons, bowling, concerts, golfing, and traveling. 

He is survived by his loving wife of 14 years Angela Pogachnik; Daughter, Jennifer (Pogachnik) Clary; Sons, Adam Pogachnik, Abdul Baytops, Gabriel Baytops, Rock Baytops, and his many grandchildren.

A memorial service for Robert Charles Pogachnik will be held on November 16th at 12:00 p.m. at Georgia Funeral Care in Acworth, Georgia for those that are able to attend his homecoming service.  A live stream of the service will be provided for those who cannot be in attendance. Robert will be placed in the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton on Monday November 16th in a private ceremony following the brief repass celebration (immediate family only). 

“We lived, We shared, We laughed, We cried …..Good Night My Love…Kiss Kiss”

“It’s just a flesh wound…”