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Verlin Hamby Sr.

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VerlinHamby Sr. of Woodstock, Georgia, born in Rome, Georgia, died August 20,2020.  He is survived by his daughter Bethel Tibbedeaux (Scott), fivesons, Verlin Jr (Janie), Thomas (Janice), Phillip, Joseph (Judy), Andrew, andnumerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He has one surviving sister,Virginia Robertson (Wayne) of Abilene, TX. Joseph and Judy cared for him in hislast years. He loved simple joys like peppermints, having a working watch,gardening, the outdoors, and calling Judy, Joseph, and Thomas nearly every day.His favorite times were going on vacation to state and national parks. His bestfriend was Tom Fromme, who faithfully wrote to Verlin every week; he lovedreceiving those letters. Tom and Verlin's friendship was beautiful, spanningthe years since grade school. He was very proud of being the father of six sonsand one daughter, telling everyone about them when he met them. He retired fromthe Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, where he worked as a mechanic.He loved cars and being a mechanic; when riding in the car, we discussed everycar and truck on the road in detail. He was preceded in death by his parents,Vernon and Tressie, wife, Lorraine Hamby, son, Samuel R. Hamby, and his sister,Charlotte Quesada. He was a lifelong practicing Jehovah's Witness. 

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Verlin Hamby Jr On Aug 24 2020 at 10am
Thank you dad, for all you did for me. Thanks for teaching me, and letting me help work on the cars, ours and some belonging to people we knew. Your cooking the bean combinations you came up with, and the music they would bring. The places you took us to when we were younger, before the move to Sacramento. For taking us boys fishing. Thank you for our Bible studies, teaching us about and how to pray. Our lives took different paths. This allowed for us to help each other in a number of ways. Thank you for all we did together, your generosity, and love. Verlin Jr Reply to this comment
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