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Gary Cote

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Gary Patrick Cote was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 14, 1962. From the very beginning of Gary’s life, his smile warmed the hearts of everyone he met. As he grew up, Gary gathered passions that he transformed into memories with his loved ones.

Gary loved the ocean. He loved the sun, the ocean spray, the wind in his hair, birds, boating, fishing, and more. But what Gary loved the most was making memories with his three beloved children—Angela, Tara, and Michael (Mikie). Some of his favorite spots were Ocean City, Maryland; Key West, Florida; and Green Ridge State Forest, Maryland. Gary loved making memories, specifically, in warm/tropical places like the beaches of Maryland and Florida. In Maryland, he would enjoy his favorite food: Blue Crabs with Old Bay Seasoning. Gary thrived off Old Bay Seasoning. He doused his crab legs, “crab chips”, and more in Old Bay seasoning to his heart’s content. Alongside making memories with his children and wife, Valerie, Gary was grateful for his sister Lori’s love and support. He also cherished his memories of off-roading and camping in the Green Ridge mountains with his brother-in-law Bill Rodgers.

As another one of his passions, Gary enjoyed sharing his love of food challenges with his son Mikie and others. From watching videos of challenges on the TV to completing their own challenges together, Gary and Michael created memories that will last forever. Every night Gary and Valerie would see who had put up new food challenge videos. One of Gary’s favorite pursuits was to partake in was eating the hottest wings he could find at any given moment. Gary finally met his match in Buford, Georgia!

Gary was a hardworking man. He loved working at Mark/Trece, Inc. in Lawrenceville, Georgia for nearly 15 of his 30 years spent there as a brilliant CAD designer. Here, Gary built longstanding friendships with his co-workers.

Gary was the best man to know. He was a gentle and loving soul. He found joy in the little things, such as the picture of his daughter Tara that he always kept in his wallet from their adventure to Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. He loved his animals like his children—Sunny B, C-Girl, Rudy, and more. Gary found joy in connecting with birds; he fed seagulls, often with Thrasher French Fries in Ocean City, and the geese outside his apartment, which he and his daughter Angela nicknamed the “Gucci Geese”. Gary truly enjoyed the simple things in life, always stopping to smell the roses and count his blessings.

One of Gary’s most treasured decisions was marrying Valerie last year, whom he loved deeply.  Their marriage brought unimaginable joy to Gary. They packed many memories and adventures into a short time, especially enjoying family time with the kids. These family times with Mikie, Tara, and Angela were some of his greatest blessings. 

In the early morning of May 29, 2022, Gary peacefully passed away surrounded by his loved ones. He was welcomed by his parents, Arthur and Irene Cote, and his brother, Christopher Cote. We, his family, are continually comforted by the memories Gary intentionally built.

Gary will continue to be missed by Angela, Tara, Mikie, and Valerie Cote; Lori Asti, his sister; Bill Rodgers and James Asti, his brothers-in-law; Anne Cote, his sister-in-law; and countless friends.

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