Gay Nell (Dobson) Christensen

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On August 9, 2020, at 11:40 am, Gay Nell (Dobson) Christensen passed away from Alzheimer's disease.  She was 81.

Gay is survived by her three daughters, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  Gay also has, from her two deceased brothers, three nieces, and one nephews, three great-nieces, and four great-nephews.

Tammy Christensen of GA:

  • Granddaughter - Alexis
  • Great-Grandson - Jackson

Ellen and Rodney Shoulders of GA:

  • Granddaughter - Showanna, husband James
  • Great-granddaughter - Shianne
  • Grandson Rodrick, and wife Samantha of FL
  • Great-Grandsons Mark, and Easton

Penny and Ed Szpindor of PA:

  • Granddaughter - Ashley (Peaches), husband Davin of UT
  • Grandson - Ethan of PA

Gay was born in Piedmont Alabama in 1939, to Ella Blanch Dobson, and Newton W. Dobson.  Gay would later on move to Atlanta Georgia, and work for an insurance company. It was here that she met Clark A. Christensen, and they married.  After several years of being a stay at home wife, Gay went back to work.  For over 25 years Gay worked at the Marriott of Stone Mountain doing the night audit.  

It was just a few years after her retirement, it was noticed that mother could not remember things that she did, or said, or even asked, with in seconds of having asked a question.  Gay was placed in a assisted living facility, to which she tried to escape regularly, stating that she needed to go pick up her children. As a couple of years went by, mothers memory started to deteriorate extremely fast.  She was moved to the locked area for memory loss residents. Mother, at some point fell breaking her right elbow.  She had surgery, and was never the same.  The drugs used on an Alzheimer patient for anesthesia affects them differently.  She became very depressed, and stopped walking.  Her health, overall changed for the worst.  Mother was moved to a private hospice house, where she received great one-on-one care.  For a while Gay's health improved, but her memory did not.  She finally stopped remembering who any one was.  

The last time I, Tammy, saw her alive, she had a great day.  She said my name.  I was shocked, and pleased at the same time.  It would be just days later that she passed.  

There will not be any service.  What the family is asking is that if you have a loved one that is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, please donate to the Brightfocus Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease Research in Gay-Nell (Dobson) Christensen's name

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