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James "Jimmy" David Wilson

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James “Jimmy” David Wilson, 49, passed peacefully on Saturday evening, June 19th, 2021 in Cartersville, GA when alcoholism finally bested his kind and gentle spirit. Jimmy was born and raised in Miami, FL though he lived in many places throughout the country before settling in Georgia in 2013 where he was an electrician.

Jimmy was not an average paint-by-number soul and was proud of his unique fashion sense. He was an instantaneous friend and generous to all that met him, no matter who they were or the circumstances in which they met. During the holidays, everyone would buy an extra (and generic) Christmas present because everyone knew Jimmy would bring home a stranger to the family gathering—someone who had nowhere to go. Most people that knew him would say he liked to color outside the lines but in reality, he didn’t believe in lines at all and would color wherever he desired.

Jimmy followed his dreams, not the rules, right until the end. A true adventurer in life, he tried to cross all the lanes in front of him rather than stay in one. He was a born storyteller. Not only did he tell the stories, but he usually had a starring role in them—stories that are remembered and shared by all of his friends and family.

He was predeceased by his father Jack Wilson, sister Katherine Wilson, and son Uriah White-Wilson. He is survived by his mother Pat Wilson, siblings Patti & John Wilson (Audra Kearney), and son Lakota White-Wilson.

The family will be spreading the ashes privately, those wishing to, may donate to ShatterProof.org in his name to help others escape the disease that haunted the majority of Jimmy’s adult life.


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